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Pymore Village Management Company Ltd (PVMC ltd) was formed in 2008 by several village residents in order to manage the common areas within the village in a cost effective manner. 

PVMC ltd is a registered company with a maximum of 6 appointed directors. The posts are voluntary. The board meets each month in order to deal primarily with the accounts and village maintenance issues.

The responsibilities include the upkeep of various common areas in Pymore. There are some hard structures that require maintenance e.g.  The courtyard wall, the footbridge and car parks and so on. The river banks, reed bed and trees in the area are also within PVMC ltd remit and need ongoing attention. The board ensures that covenanted agreements with government agencies like the Environment Agency are met, and that appropriate insurance cover is kept up to date. A local accountant is employed to manage the accounts and collect the service charge.

Each property owner is a shareholder in PVMC ltd. The company levies a service charge on each household annually in order to maintain sufficient funds to cover the maintenance charges and upkeep needed to keep the common areas tidy. The service charge also provides a sinking fund for any large expenses that may arise in the future e.g. resurfacing of PVMC ltd owned roads, car parks and pumping station etc .

There is an active volunteer group within the village who work primarily with the reed bed.

PVMC ltd has employed a local contractor to look after the green areas.


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